The time for mass mobilization in defense of trans lives is now. Trans youth are under attack in states across the country. As efforts to criminalize trans bodies escalate, so must our resistance. These bills are just one part of a fascist global campaign to silence, erase, and harm trans, gender nonconforming, and nonbinary people. They are not about protecting women or children, but about expanding state power and control and limiting bodily autonomy and self-determination.

Action in defense of trans lives now is an essential part of all movements for justice. 

Here at Fatcat we feel very strongly about Human rights issues, we love all and are willing to fight for a world that is equitable and sustainable for humans and animals alike. Join us today, and everyday in educating ourselves on issues, and making the change to make this world a place where we can all unapologetically live our most authentic lives. We LOVE you, we SEE you, we HEAR you and we will be standing right by you to amplify your stories and your lives.

You can find this statement and learn more about how you can help at 


Our National Transgender visibility day donation will be to the Trans Justice Funding Project. TJFP is an organization that moves money to trans-lad grassroots group and projects with trust and no strings attached. They center trans justice in the US and US territories and honor and amplify the ways our communities organize, create and shift culture, commit their love and care, and fight like hell for trans liberation.

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Delicate French macarons filled with Birthday cake butter cream colored pink and blue, with a white stripe in the center to represent the transgender flag.


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