“Love or Hate” Treat Box

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What you’ll get in your hate love box. 

  • 1 Black cocoa raspberry filled macaron
  • 1 jumbo Fauxstuss cupcake
  • 1 chocolate cherry heart poptart
  • 1 black pan dulce (concha)

What you’ll get in your love love box. 

  • 1 Raspberry sumac Macaron
  • 1  jumbo strawberry crunch cupcake
  • 1 mixed berry heart poptart
  • 1 pink pan dulce (concha)
Hate love box ingredients:

Black cocoa macaron with raspberry filling
Allergens:  Soy, Tree Nuts

Jumbo Fauxstuss Cupcake
Allergen: Wheat, Soy, Coconut

Chocolate cherry Heart Poptart
Allergen: wheat, Soy

Black Pan Dulce (concha)
Allergen: coconut, wheat, soy 

Love love box ingredients:

Raspberry Sumac Macaron
Allergens: Soy, Tree Nuts


Jumbo Strawberry Crunch Cupcake
Allergens: Soy, Wheat, 

Mixed berry Heart Poptart

Allergens: Wheat, Soy


Pink Pan Dulce (concha)
Allergen: coconut, wheat, soy 


Love Love, Hate Love

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